Tucked away neatly near Borough Market is Brew Wharf in Vinopolis, a delightful bar with a rather attractive beer garden. The colourful collection of umbrellas that hang above the best part of the outdoor area make the place somewhat of a picture hotspot. You’ll notice wanderers coming in, pointing at the technicolour dream brolleys, snapping a pic and then heading off.

Brew Wharf is a doddle to get to via the Jubilee line. It’s a short three-minute walk from London Bridge station and has quickly become one of my goto watering holes. It also became the place where I reunited with Ros and Graham from Mountain Trail.


It had been four weeks (and a day) since we last saw each other and, just like every Lord of the Rings film, it had been too long.

It was so great seeing Ros and Graham, and their familiar faces transported me back to Trek and good times! We took no time to pick up where we left off and came out of our mini reunion with plans of a new adventure…

I took this opportunity to ask Ros and Graham for their summation of life post-Trek, and I pestered them to give me their top moments from Mountain Trail.


[su_heading size=”18″ margin=”0″]Life After Trek[/su_heading]



Full of jet lag. Full of early morning Sky Scanner checks for cheap destinations that I can escape to. Full of still trying to wear flip flops even though it’s not weather appropriate. I actually wore my flip flops to the doctor’s yesterday. Full of work, and that’s pretty much post-Trek life.


Why did I come back? I could happily wear shorts and sandals forever. It was so bizarre walking through Heathrow with flip flops. I was a post-holiday knob who couldn’t let go of the holiday (don’t put that in).

I miss the fresh air the most and being able to wake up in the countryside, all peaceful and with a can of Bud Light.

*Looks off into the distance*

Ah, I won’t miss the weak beer, though.


[su_heading size=”18″ margin=”0″]Top Trek Moments From Mountain Trail[/su_heading]


Dean: So, top Trek moments? In no particular order…

Graham: Where was it we went after Yellowstone?

Ros: Grand Teton

Dean: Yeah, Teets.

Ros: That campsite was so good!


Graham: They had the really nice showers.

Dean: Oh, and the fajitas that we made!

Ros: The fighters?

Dean: Yeah, the fighters. They were perfectly cooked. I didn’t help cook that even though it was my group’s meal. I was there in my glasses, messing about and getting drunk.

Graham: And that was the first decent shower we had in, like, four days.

Dean: Oh, God. Yeah! Just that whole night was a great Trek moment. We were all around the picnic table. It felt like a family dinner!


Graham: What were those sulphur things we went to?

Ros: The Geysers

Dean: And the others were hot springs.

Ros and Graham together: OH! The river! The hot river!

Graham: That I will never forget.

Ros: It was such a weird sensation.

Graham: Yeah, sitting in the middle of a river with it being warm enough to relax and chill.

Dean: We stayed there so long!

Graham: Yeah, and the one photo we took with the GoPro I got boiling water in my eye. Everyone has this lovely face and I’ve got this ‘ARGH!’ face.


Dean: What’s not in the video we made is white water rafting. I don’t know if that was a highlight for you guys at all?

Ros: Oh, I really liked that!

Graham: Yeah, seeing a bald eagle – that’s what I wanted to see. That was amazing. Oh! Sunset at the Grand Canyon.

Ros: With pizza!

Graham: Eating pizza at the edge of the Grand Canyon was amazing too.

Graham: Ah, the trek in the morning!

Ros: That actually killed me.

Dean: Oh, the trek back up from walking down into the Canyon… I hated it. I kept to a fast pace. I was like, ‘I gotta keep moving or I WILL die.’

Ros: I kept to my own pace, ha.


Graham: Oh, that bit when we stood on the extended rock in the Canyon.

Ros: The one you had to step down to?

Graham: Yeah, we got you to hug the rock.

Ros: I think Adam has a picture of that somewhere…

(He did)


Dean: Right, one more. What about Vegas?

Graham: The first night in Vegas was destructive. The next morning was horrendous. They were all doing the dive from the Stratosphere and I was sitting at the bottom thinking ‘I’m so hungover’.


Graham: The thunderstorm was pretty great as well. The lightning hit one of the hotels.

Ros: And our hotel flooded!

Graham: The Forest Gump road! That was awesome. We stopped in the middle of nowhere and I was thinking ‘What are we doing here?’ and then when we were told it was where Forest stopped I thought ‘Oh, shit!’

Ros: That road was unbelievable. I also really liked that Route 66 town we went to.

Dean: Route 66 was phenomenal. It was one of my bucket list places!


Dean: There are so many top moments! I shouldn’t have asked this question because it’s impossible to make a small list. I think we’ll have to wrap it up here or my beer will go cold.


[su_heading size=”18″ margin=”0″]Trek Denmark?[/su_heading]


We continued to reminisce about Mountain Trail for a little while until we decided on a new group adventure…


Stay tuned for details!

Written by Dean